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The Racing Absolute is a top-level professional-grade racing suit incorporating all the same lightest-weight and most-advanced materials and technologies that the world’s fastest MotoGP and WorldSBK riders wear on the track.

Aside from its full kangaroo leather construction, with dual kangaroo leather layers in all the highest abrasion prone areas like the elbows, forearms, seat, hips, and back, the Racing Absolute V2 also features Kevlar® reinforced stretch inserts at the crotch and inner arms and armpits. The bonded Kevlar® Grid provides not only increased cut, tear, and abrasion resistance, but highly reduced heat transfer to the rider’s body generated from any friction during a slide on the asphalt.

Another key material’s technology advancement found in the Racing Absolute v2 is the use of Alpinestars Composite Stretch technology, or A-CS®Tech for short. A-CS®Tech is found all throughout the suit’s, side torso, shoulder blades, and upper knee areas. Replacing the leather accordion panels that precede it in those areas, A-CS® Tech material provides not only increased breathability, comfort, and freedom of movement, but also offers a lower weight and a lower profile than accordion leather (about 9% lighter weight panels).

Leather accordion panels are still present in the lower back and main flexion zones. Additionally,
the A-CS® technology features a good level of stretchability of about 30% elongation, where tear resistance has increased by 288% compared to HRSF, or Hyper Resistant Stretch Fiber, and where cut resistance has increased by 600% versus leather, all while having highly comparable performance
to kangaroo leather, and even higher impact abrasion test results.
The use of A-CS® Tech, signifies a noteworthy advancement and improvement in protective performance materials.
The Racing Absolute incorporates Matryx® material on the lower leg for even further weight reduction and breathability Replacing the HRSF in the inner arms, crotch, back of the legs, collar and pectoral areas are Kevlar®-reinforced stretch panels, providing high elasticity for freedom of movement, and increased protection.

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