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Feature Description
X-1005 Ultra Carbon Helmet Nolan revolutionizes the travel experience with the X-1005 Ultra Carbon modular helmet, featuring unrivaled protection, high carbon content, and advanced technological solutions. The design is elegant, refined, and dynamic, making it perfect for every situation and easily combinable with the motorbike. The X-1005 Ultra Carbon is the epitome of exclusivity and performance, representing the best-in-class solution in Nolan’s new Xseries carbon fiber range.
XSeries Carbon Fiber Line The X-1005 UC is part of Nolan’s XSeries Carbon Fiber Line, setting the standard for high-performance helmets made from carbon fiber. Nolan’s commitment to innovation, quality, and forward-thinking raises the bar for excellence in carbon fiber helmets.
Dual Action – Chin Guard Opening System Equipped with an innovative chin guard opening system, the X-1005 Ultra Carbon ensures safe and controlled operation, providing practicality and enhanced safety for the rider.
Carbon Fitting Racing Experience The internal comfort padding of the X-1005 Ultra Carbon features active carbon filaments, offering thermoregulatory, antistatic, and dissipative properties. The cap, with an innovative mesh construction, facilitates air diffusion in the upper part of the head, keeping it cool and dry. Removable and washable cheek pads and chin strap covers add practicality and simplify cleaning for the rider’s convenience.
LPC – Liner Positioning Control The X-1005 Ultra Carbon allows precise adjustment of the liner position, enabling a personalized and optimal fit for maximum comfort during rides.
N-Com Ready with ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) Ready for N-Com integration, the X-1005 Ultra Carbon seamlessly integrates communication systems into the helmet. Additionally, it is prepared for the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) system, enhancing safety by signaling braking actions to other road users.
Rotation Movement of the Chin Guard The rotation movement of the chin guard with an elliptical trajectory reduces the size of the frontal part when open, minimizing the “sailing” effect. This design ensures a comfortable ride even with the chin guard raised, enhancing the overall riding experience.

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