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Evolution of the technology and experience gained with the Rapid Bike 1, 2 and 3, EVO is an additional control unit that is interposed between the original ECU and the injectors.

It combines outstanding performance with an astonishing simplicity of use thanks to the self-adaptation function: Rapid Bike EVO does not require additional modules to achieve this function, since it includes this management inside.

The objective of this application is the “total injection control”, that is the complete control of the carburation through the management of all the injectors (up to eight) and the lambda probes. Rapid Bike EVO allows to intervene on the injection times (range from -100% to + 150% with respect to the original parameters) and on the petrol / air ratio relative to the carburation itself.

The self-adaptive function manages the carburation automatically through the self-processing of a correction map which adds up algebraically – when the motorcycle is used – to the set map. This allows to further improve the setup carried out by Rapid Bike EVO in order to offer the best performance.

The auto-processing is set in multipoint technology for combinations of rpm (rpm) and throttle opening (tps), throughout the engine’s operating range, even beyond the original limiter (where managed).



The graph shows the progressive improvement from map to 0 (red line), after 50 km (green line) and after 200 km (brown line). Other exclusive features are the movement of the engine speed limiter (up to + 1,000 rpm) and the elimination of the speed limiter.

RapidBike EVO also supports the management of multiple maps, ie the possibility of setting and activating two sets of injection maps with different self-adaptive settings to “change the carburation” with a switch.

On twin-cylinder motorbikes it is possible to create a map and a specific self-correction set for each cylinder in order to further improve engine performance.

By means of the software downloadable directly from the site, through the USB interface provided, the motorcyclist will be able to create his own maps and set new self-adaptive criteria whenever he deems it appropriate, in order to obtain the desired performance.


The control and adjustment of the injection system with a single control unit, the RB EVO, which acts simultaneously on the injection values and on the lambda probe signal, maintaining performance over time.


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